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Sustainable Focus

Nancy Nezeritis

Sustainable Focus has more than 15 years’ experience delivering energy management solutions in South Australia and nationally.

Our team of energy experts specialises in energy efficiency projects, automated energy control systems, demand management, solar power and diesel generation.

Helping businesses and organisations cut their energy use and costs by identifying and implementing energy efficiency measures has been Sustainable Focus’ core business since 2001.

We have more than 300 energy-saving success stories nationally in retail, industrial, commercial and government sectors.

The Sustainable Focus team can:

- design technical solutions using innovative and leading-edge technology
- implement those solutions, ensuring that projects are completed on time, on budget and achieve the stated energy efficiency savings.

To achieve this, we get to know your staff and your business and design a comprehensive Energy Management Strategy tailored to your unique operational needs.

By optimising your businesses energy use, we not only reduce direct power costs, but also cut maintenance expenses and improve the working environment for staff.

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