About I Choose SA

Every South Australian can help support growth by choosing South Australia in their purchasing decisions. This includes supporting producers, growers, manufacturers, service providers and businesses throughout the supply chain.


To activate these groups, we are implementing an integrated campaign, which leverages multiple media & communications channels across South Australia.



  • Drive sales of South Australian products and services throughout the supply chain
  • Build on South Australian pride - remind consumers and businesses that when they choose local products and services they are supporting the South Australian economy and its people.
  • Help businesses and consumers identify South Australian products and services
  • Encourage consumers to actively look for South Australian products and services when buying
  • Increase consumer confidence
  • Increase jobs via increase in demand

We are calling on every South Australian to get behind us and help make a real difference! We believe we can make a genuine impact on the future of South Australia if we have everyone’s support.  

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