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Crystal Palm

Tristan Clement

Originating in the Northern Territory in 2013, we are now wholly South Australian owned and operated.
We are here to help you enjoy BBQing and cooking more than you ever have before.
We have done all the research and hard work for you, and created a range of spice rubs & seasonings and BBQ sauces that are full of flavour (but not the unhealthy stuff the mass producers use).
Our BBQ sauces are handmade and bottled in small batches with flavour as the focus. They have no added salt and no added preservatives. We use natural sweeteners and steer well away from chemicals or high fructose corn syrup.
Our spice rubs & seasonings are handmade and packaged in small batches. They are full flavoured, fine textured rubs. So a little goes a long way. They have no salt, no sugar, no preservatives & no anti-caking agents. They are versatile, with dynamic flavour profiles and can be rubbed on meat, sprinkled on veggies or added to soups and homemade marinades.
As well as our flavour companions we have an ever growing library of the right information (or links to it) to make it all more enjoyable and maximise the time you spend with your family & friends.

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