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Investpro Group

Naveesh Sharma

Investpro Group is a South Australian owned and operated sales and consulting firm whose focus is that their client is set on track to financial freedom by building their investment property portfolio. 

Investpro Group offers wide range of services ranging from investment properties like off the plan package, house on land and pre-public properties. 

We offer clients an option to sell their old residential properties and use that money for building their investment property portfolio.

We offer civil engineering & project management consulting solutions to clients who are interested in building their homes, renovating their home or building their developments. 

Investpro Group also help their clients to start or expand their business by connecting them to experts who specialise in particular areas where they need help. 

Investpro Group also helps foreign investors to invest and trade in Australia. 

Investpro Group offers an extensive range of service, book a consult to know which is best suited for you to improve your financial situation.

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